Meet the Harvard Business School professor trying to save an icon – Caesars Palace – #juego #negocios


Caesars Palace means different things to different people. To lovers of gambling, its a verifiable mecca of money-losing, money-winning and adrenaline-fueled betting. For private equity investors, though, Caesars Palace means a considerable amount loss and failure.

One man is trying to change the later: Gary Loveman, a former Harvard Business School professor and current CEO of Caesar’s entertainment, the struggling company that came in at #328 on the newest Fortune 500.

True to his business school background, Loveman is something of an egghead. In a new Fortune profile, writer William D. Cohan describes the executive as “a onetime math prodigy from Indianapolis” who, in getting his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology, wrote a 400-page thesis about unemployment.

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While at Harvard, though, Loveman turned his focus to customer loyalty, co-authoring a report in Harvard Business Review titled…

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