Nasa maps show that the world is going to be really hot by 2100


NASA NEX Global  Source: METRO/Mylo - NASA London will likely see 25C daily during July (Picture: Nasa)

If these maps are anything to go by, our planet is going to be really hot by the end of the century.

Scientists at Nasa ran simulations using more than 11 terabytes of data in an attempt to accurately predict the world climate, including greenhouse gas concentration, temperature and rainfall, in July 2100.

Londoners may find average daily temperatures of 25C bearable (or even quite nice) but for those living in South America, Africa or the Indian subcontinent it’s a different story.

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NASA NEX South America.jpg Parts of Central and South America could see upwards of 45C every day of July (Picture: Nasa)

Those areas will likely experience 45C every day (the current average is a little less than 39C), and Los Angeles and New York may see similar temperatures as well.

Carbon dioxide levels in the…

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