These are the Fortune 500’s fastest-growing pharma companies


The pharmaceutical industry has been rocked in recent years by a confluence of patent expirations of blockbuster drugs, increasing competition from generics and new governmental and industry efforts to control costs the world over.

That’s made growth prospects for many pharma companies a risky and uncertain proposition. Some have pursued growth via innovative (and expensive) new drugs, like Gilead Science’s hepatitis C treatment, Sovaldi, which can cost $84,000 for a full course. Some (see: Actavis) have pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy, buying their way to growth and cutting costs along the way. Others, like Celgene, have opted to strike various alliances with biotechs that have promising products in the pipeline, to hedge their bets over the long-term.

Whichever route a pharma CEO chooses, opportunities to expand sales will likely increase in coming years as the global elderly population grows, chronic diseases become more prevalent, and consumers in emerging markets demand…

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