‘Twerking’ in the dictionary – why we should celebrate language evolution


The dictionary’s expanding (Picture: Getty Images)

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced its new words for 2015, including ‘twerking’, ‘meh’, ‘jeggings’ and ‘vape’.

Cue the usual round of grumpy people complaining about the pollution of our beautiful language with such modern tosh as ‘humblebrag’ and ‘side-boob’.

Firstly, a lot of those words aren’t new. The word ‘twerk’ dates back to 1820, while ‘meh’ first appeared in 1992 before being popularised by The Simpsons.

Secondly, the English language is hardly beautiful. Not only does ‘row’ mean three entirely different things, but the word is even pronounced differently for one of those meanings. English is hardly the model of elegant simplicity – it’s messy and weird and often downright nonsensical.

[metro-thumbnail-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/25/twerk-along-with-499-other-words-has-now-been-added-to-the-oxford-dictionary-5264703/” title=”Twerk (along with 499 other words) has now been added to the Oxford Dictionary”]

And thirdly – where do those grumpy people think our language came from? Do you…

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