Thirty Years of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Argentina: An Assessment of the National Health Response


hiv aids epidemic in argentinaWorld Bank. 2015-07-08. This book delves into the combination of factors that make Argentina a success story in combating HIV/AIDS. It analyzes the national and inter-provincial burden of disease, the demographics of new HIV cases, the demand and supply-sides of service delivery, and conducts a cost-benefit analysis of the Argentine National HIV/AIDS Program from 2000 to 2010.
This book will be of interest to those who wish to examine key programmatic innovations that have been essential to Argentina’s success in the fight against HIV/AIDS, such as the introduction of universal free antiretroviral treatment, a comprehensive legal framework for sexual and reproductive rights, the introduction of incentives and results-based financing in the HIV/AIDS program, electronic monitoring of supplies and medicines, and implementation of an electronic clinical governance system for improving the quality of care and patient follow-up.
The 1992 creation of the National HIV/AIDS Program was a fundamental step for Argentina…

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