Amazon tribe’s first encyclopedia of traditional medicines won’t be sold on


An indigenous tribe that lives deep in the Amazon is putting its encyclopedic knowledge of the jungle into writing for the first time ever.

With the help of an American NGO and a local publishing house, Peru’s Matsés tribe is preparing to publish a 500-page encyclopedia to catalog its traditional medicine practices. It will be first tome of its kind published by any Amazonian tribe.

The encyclopedia will document traditional methods for curing dozens of illnesses with local plants, thereby helping to preserve ancient healing practices that have been passed down orally by shamans through the centuries. Much of that traditional knowledge is now at risk of being lost as the isolated Matsés tribe comes into more frequent contact with the outside world.

[img attachment=”164041″ caption=”Matse shamen review the latest draft of the encyclopedia. The book is expected to go to print in the next two months” size=”full” align=”alignnone” linkto=”none” alt=”Three shamans”]


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