Vector Plans Developer Platform For It’s ‘Affordable Luxury’ Smart Watch


Back in March the Vector — a smart watch with an e-ink LCD screen — made its debut in a number of reviews in the tech press. Of note was the unusual 30 day battery life and a smartphone control app which worked across iOS, Android and Windows phones. What wasn’t elucidated in detail at the time was that the startup not only planned to release an API to developers, allowing them to create their own apps and faces for the watch, but also to use this momentum to create other kinds of wearables for enterprise as well as consumer use.

The Vector is billed as a good-looking, ‘watch first’, but with ‘smart’s added. That said, it’s also building its own wearable operating system that connects with the three big mobile platforms.

First off, Vector has come up with the concept of ‘streams’. These are pieces of ‘glanceable’ information that…

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