40 travel tips from hard-traveling TED staffers

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Blog_Travel_tips_TED38143822_thumbnailTED stafferstravel a lot — to TEDx events all over the globe, to TED conferences in Canada, Brazil, the UK…. sowe love to trade travel tips for making the most of work and fun trips. Here are 40 of our best — including some oddball but practical ideas for vacation travel (to use up those miles).

For planning your trip…

Use an Incognito Window to book flights. “You know how you check the price of a flight, then go back a day later — and the price has gone up? That seems to happen less often if you use the Incognito function in Chrome. I also love Kayak, because it gives you advice on whether to book your ticket or wait for a better price.” — Kate Torgovnick May, writer

Try Airfarewatchdog.com. “You put in a destination, and get emails with updates on fares so you know…

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