How do hackers actually get paid for their services?


The successful hacker is the one whose real name is never known, who shuns the limelight, and stays off the radar. In fiction – notably the cyber punk novels by the likes of William Gibson and Bruce Sterling – these anonymous cyber crooks met in smoky bars to trade their wares, move data, and get paid. But in reality, of hacking is far less colorful, with most transactions occurring on the dark web and other portions of the Internet untracked by search engines. So, with anonymity paramount, paper trails taboo, and the honor thieves concealed by computer screens, the question remains, how do hackers today actually get paid?

“We have to look past the American and western standards of what the typical international hacker’s lifestyle looks like,” says Alan Webber, research director for innovation and transformation at IDC. “How people live in other parts of the world is already very…

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