There is so much trash in the ocean


Authorities recently confirmed that plane debris that washed up on the shore of Réunion belongs to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared in March of last year. The discovery, which marks the end of several fruitless months of searching, has raised the hopes of finding more remains of the plane, offering closure—and, possibly, answers—to grieving families.

That might be difficult. More debris, found in the Maldives, was said today to be unrelated to MH370. Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai was part of a team sent to investigate the new material, and said that the trash found on the Maldives wasn’t even “plane material.” There’s a lot of trash in the ocean. A lot.

In a report, The Associated Press reminds us just how much garbage is floating in our oceans in giant clusters like the Great Pacific garbage patch…

[img attachment=”183004″ align=”aligncenter” alt=”pacific-garbage-patches-currents_noaa-marine-debris_id” percentagewidth=”100″ /]

…and spread throughout the waters:

But do not, [oceanographer…

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