This New Wearable Helped Me Chill Out


With a heart-rate sensor, haptic feedback, an accelerometer and more, the Apple Watch is full of potential. And even though I bought one on launch day knowing full it would arrive with more possibility than utility, here I am four months later still disappointed in the reality.

My problem with the Apple Watch is that I figured some developer would have come up with a true killer app by now. Well, a killer one for my needs, at least. The thing I wanted most was for the Watch to be able to detect when my heart rate was elevating, tap me on the wrist, tell me that I was stressed, and help me to chill out. Instead, it tells me when I’ve been sitting for too long, which I ignore, because I’m stressed and have work to do. So to tackle my angst, I’ve turned to another new wearable: Spire.

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