World’s 1st G4 RORO containership delivered #comercioexterior #barcos

Editor’s note: The "Atlantic Star", the world’s first G4 (Generation 4) roll on roll off (RORO) containership, made by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group, was delivered on Changxing island in Shanghai Tuesday.

The "Atlantic Star" is the first of five ships made by Hudong-Zhonghua for the Atlantic Container Line (ACL). It can transport nearly 45,000 tons of goods on its routes between Mediterranean, Atlantic and American markets. At 296 meters long and 37.6 meters wide, the giant has been designed to have 7 layers of RORO deck with a car loading area of 28,900 square meters, and the capacity for 3,800 containers. It is the largest, newest and most advanced RORO containership in the world.

According to He Jianghua, Deputy general manager at Hudong-Zhonghua, the upper four layers of deck can be freighted with the small private cars, the lower three layers can both carry all types of engineering vehicles and containers. The ship can serve short-haul routes in the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. As it can both transport containers and vehicles, it offers greater flexibility to the owner.

"Atlantic Star", the world’s first G4 type RORO containership. (photo provided by Hudong-Zhonghua)