China meets all but one State goal

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GOVCN. Wan Yanfei Updated: Mar 2,2016 8:49 AM. China Daily. A review of China’s accomplishments during the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-15) shows remarkable progress amid the country’s transition to healthier and more sustainable economic growth.

China achieved 24 of 25 goals set at the beginning of 2011, and many were accomplished ahead of schedule and exceeded their targets, the State Council reported on March 1.

A 96 percent success rate is “good enough” amid downward economic pressures, said Hu Angang, an economics professor at Tsinghua University, who cited fluctuations in the world economy for the only problem area in the plan, China’s failure to realize a 6 percent annual growth rate for imports and exports.

One notable achievement was the 13.12 million new jobs generated for urban residents, far exceeding the target of 10 million.

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Concerns have been raised, however, over a coming wave of job losses as the country makes…

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